To Our Lemonade Lovers

We are truly grateful to each one of you! You have supported us from day one when we set up in our driveway. The best thing in the world to us is when customers come up to order a lemonade and tell us they are sooo excited to see us!! We have people tell us they saw us at the Eagle rodeo, the Idaho Regatta in Burley, and now the Marsing and Homedale cebrations. You've been so excited to see us and have our lemonade. We always hear "this is the best lemonade I've ever had!" and that literally means the world to us. You are all incredible and we love being able to get to know you!

Scott Petersen

About Petersen's

Where You Can Find Us

Our location changes constantly, meaning sometimes we are in a spot for a month and others only a week or even a day. Visit our Facebook page to find out where you can find us today!

What We Do

We serve delicious lemonades and limeades, and we do so for various different occasions. Some days, we're just bringing people a refreshing drink outside of a grocery store, and others we go to events to provide affordable and delicious concessions.

Pricing and Payment

Our lemonades and limeades are all $5 and refills are only $3. As far as debit and credit cards, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


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Phone: (208) 506-0099

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